How To Ride A Horse To Avoid Mistakes 10

Beginner  Mistakes to ride a horse 

There are a few basic errors that new riders make when first figuring out how to ride horseback. Here are the main ten novice horse riding mix-ups and how to fix them.

how to ride a horse for beginners

1-How to be a hands position

   how to ride a horse step by step

A man attempting to control a pony

It is instinctual for us to utilize our hands and arms to adjust us when we begin to feel unreliable. Learner riders regularly end up with their hands far open to question, here and there at shoulder stature. This leaves the reins a lot to long, and the rider at that point has no control of the pony. Or on the other hand, the rider enables the reins to slide through their hands and lifts their hands to reach, instead of shortening the reins.

The Fix: Work on following the development of the pony with your seat and center. Keep a light, even strain on the reins and keep your hands at hip level. Rearrange the reins if the pony pulls them free. As in the image, there ought to be a fanciful straight line that goes from your elbows, lower arm, wrist, hands, get control and to the bit over the pony’s mouth in the event that you are immediate reining. On the off chance that you are neck reining, you ought to have the option to feel a slight strain on the reins when your drawback. Keep your hands at hip level and your elbows next to you.

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